My coloring book "Color Me Canine -- Herding Group" has won TWO Maxwells! Thank you Dog Writer's Association of America.

Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer Designs

Sandy Bergstrom Mesmer Designs

Color Me Canine (Toy Group) has won a Maxwell!

Here's a sneak peak of my second coloring book.

This is a bit of the Herding Group inside front cover.


How To Turn Your Dog Into A Show Off

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I felt that the progression of the book was done well. The sequence used to explain the points makes it easy for a child that is just starting out to follow how they should teach a dog to become a show-off. I also feel that the book was written so that even those youngsters that are already involved in the sport can gain some helpful tips and reminders from the book.
I really like how the book was taken from a real show person's point of view and made it sound like this sport is a well-respected hooby and career for some people. I did think that the choice of pictures was well done.
Another thing that I thought was great about the book was that both the good and the not so good about the sport were explained, for instance that if one's dog loses it's not the end of the world. Even though an adult in the sport may be able to evaluate the situation and understand that their dog can't win every day, a child may not perceive that rationale.
Overall I think that this book did a great job of covering most of the necessary areas for a child to better understand what goes in to making a dog a show-off.

Mary Beth O Neill, AKC

Yorkshire Terrier (Animal Planet Dogs 101)

I just about love to read any yorkie book but this one is very interesting. I especially bought it for the picture on the front so I could show my groomer how I want my boys trimmed but got more for my money instead. It is a good read for yorkie people.


Color Me Canine (Toy Group)

Frame-able Art

What a wonderfully mature coloring book for dog lovers! Pictures can be framed — each one is so amazingly done! Details are phenomenal. Ordered two days ago, came quick and in great condition.

Pam Rakis

Color Me Canine (Herding Group)

Love the coloring book, and it has information on the breeds which is a plus.
Bought 2 for friends, can't wait to share.

Kathy Wise Steiner

Sandy, we received the beautiful portrait!! Thank you! Beckham is 12 now and still looks great but at this point in his life things like this are so special!

Linda Moore